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Provide laptops to the disadvantaged.

Who We Are

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, created to make technology affordable and available, by putting laptops in the hands of economically disadvantaged students and veterans. We believe laptops are no longer a luxury in today's technology driven world, but they are a necessity to a child's education, opportunities, and ultimately a better future.

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The Problem

The Solution

Our Vision

Laptops 4 Learning is a direct response to narrowing this divide, by helping students in low-income households obtain a computer, so that socio-economic disadvantaged kids have an equal chance for a better future.

Economically disadvantaged school children lacking access to laptops to complete their homework creates opportunity gaps between students, largely based on their economic status, also known as the digital divide.

Our VISION is to provide students with quality, affordable laptops they  need to succeed in school and life.  L4L believes that NO student should be denied access to a laptop simply because they cannot afford one. 


Make Your Impact

Laptops 4 Learning gives those individuals like you, who understand the power of education an opportunity to give back. Laptops impact the underprivileged by:

  • Providing technology which gives an equal opportunity to learn

  • Creating access to opportunities which allows for the ascent to a better future and life outcome

  • Dramatically increasing the student's chance of success.

Become Personally Rewarded

People become personally rewarded when contributing to L4L because 85% of the money goes directly to providing laptops for students.  Read what one donor, Corey Stapleton of BD Corporation said motivated him and his company to donate.


"The impact of giving came from receiving direct correspondence from the kids who wrote letters or drew pictures thanking us for the laptops. That is when it came full circle for us.  It makes a difference to experience that impact and to know we are contributing to real lives." 

Corey Stapleton, BD CORP

Corporate Donor

Recieving a Letter

 "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela

Laptops 4 Learning Logo 642 x 278.jpg
Smiling Student

Making Life Better
For Julie

Learn how Julie transitioned from completing homework on her cell phone, to having a laptop and the impact it made on her life. We met Julie during her junior year of high school at Cesar Chávez Senior High. Her mother, while maintaining a single-income home with four (4) children, simply could not afford to purchase a laptop. 


After Laptops 4 Learning was made aware of Julie’s story and awarded her a laptop, it was a huge transformation for her family and her future. 

Click below for the rest of the story.


Get Involved Today

Volunteers and supporters make it possible for L4L

to provide laptops for school children, providing them with a chance to succeed where they otherwise wouldn't have. Make a donation of time, energies and talents, or financial support — knowing that your contribution can be life changing.



Volunteers needed who want to pay it forward by contributing either their time, skill or talent, for contribution.

Click below for our list of volunteer needs and opportunities.

Business Conference


Corporate companies seeking opportunities to contribute to community impact. Elevate your team building, and fundraising. Click below to learn more about our corporate program.

Loving Mature Couple


Individuals needed who have a passion for supporting education and are looking to give back, by helping school children in need. You understand the power of education for kids. Click below to learn more.

Confident Businesswoman


Partnerships are needed with complimentary community service organizations seeking to collaborate and fill the gaps for providing laptops to kids.

Click below to learn about our community program.

What others are saying

"“We find that if we can even help a small percentage of kids, then we feel internally good about ourselves. We can look in the mirror and say that we’re doing what we can. The L4L program has grown as well, and that is encouraging!” Ray



“They delivered over 1,000 laptops last year. I appreciate that they are literally putting laptops in the hands of these disadvantaged kids who need them.” 




“I like that L4L is directly giving the computers to the kids. It felt good to donate. This is a good cause that I am glad to be able to contribute. We want to see them grow, so that they’re on a solid base.” 



“When you get a chance to have education provided for you like I did, it’s hard not to lend a hand when asked. There is something gratifying about giving back, building credibility and experience to impact the people who have the need.” 



Laptops 4 Learning Logo 642 x 278.jpg

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