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L4L Supplies Laptops to the AZHCC DreamBuilder Program

The AZ DreamBuilder is a comprehensive online learning initiative designed to support women in their journey of starting or expanding their small businesses. Developed in collaboration between the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) and Arizona State University's Thunderbird School of Global Management, this program follows a proven 13-step process for creating effective business plans. Moreover, it offers enhanced modules on financing and business expansion.

Since its inception, the AZ DreamBuilder has achieved remarkable success, prompting its expansion across various regions. Currently, the program reaches aspiring entrepreneurs in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, the Navajo Nation, and Southern California. With its user-friendly interface and convenient format, the AZHCC's DreamBuilder program ensures an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Participants can complete the modules incrementally, following a step-by-step approach over a period of time.

To recognize the hard work and dedication of program participants, upon completion of the AZ DreamBuilder, each individual is awarded a brand new laptop. These laptops are provided through Laptops 4 Learning, a Phoenix-based organization. In 2022 alone, Laptops 4 Learning supplied 127 laptops to the accomplished "graduates" of the DreamBuilder program.

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