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Edward Gonzalez Is Grateful For Receiving a Laptop from L4L

Edward Gonzalez, a senior in the TUSD’s ACT Community Transition Program, at Catalina High School in Tucson recently received a laptop from Laptops 4 Learning. One of his teachers at Catalina High School, Janet Lumsen, recommended Edward register with L4L.

The Tucson Unified School District's Community Transition Program (CTP) was established to provide high school students with disabilities, ages 18 to 22, with a seamless transition from school to life as a young adult. Advance Community Training (ACT), is a part of CTP. Students engage in gaining vocational skills by volunteering, working, interacting with the public, and accessing the community on a full-time basis for two years.

According to Edward, “This laptop will make things easier for me. I love technology, so this computer will help me access the things I need to finish my classes and also for my future. I need this computer to learn new things, take classes and get myself a job.”

“My hobby is my YouTube channel. It is fun and I like to explore the world of technology. Thank you so much to my teacher at Catalina High School for helping me when she found out my old computer was gone. Thank you, Laptops 4 Learning for giving me the opportunity to have my own computer.”

Congratulations Edward! Good luck with your future studies!

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