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Closing the digital divide

Laptops 4 Learning’s mission is to close the digital technology divide for students, (one student at a time) across the U.S., by providing laptops for low to moderate income students and their families.

Their year started off with a setback when an annual grant was denied, jeopardizing the goal of 2022 laptops for 2022. Fortunately, Brenda Powell, executive director of Laptops 4 Learning, connected with her friends at Sage Sustainable Electronics and the door was reopened for laptops to be given to students in need. According to Brenda, it was an almost equal gain to the loss, but a magical realignment.

What some people may not realize is that having a laptop is a real luxury. With the past two pandemic years, students who do not have computers at home have experienced an even greater digital divide. Computers create essential connections to learning, improve life skills, and accessibility to ongoing opportunities. They have become required to be successful in today’s world.

This is why the laptop donation from Huntington National Bank to Laptops 4 Learning is so significant. Huntington committed 50 laptops that came at the right time to put this non-profit's goals back on track.

In 2018 Brenda retired as a school counselor and now works directly with Laptops 4 Learning. When she first started the annual goals were smaller, but in 2022, the new goal of 2022 laptops now seem possible with the support of companies like Huntington Bank. According to Brenda, by this donation alone, Huntington Bank will literally change the lives of students forever. Reaffirming the creed, “no student should be left behind in their education simply because they cannot afford access to this essential technology." Thanks to Laptops 4 Learning, Sage Sustainable, and Huntington Bank the digital divide is getting smaller.

Brenda’s initial experience with Laptops 4 Learning sets the stage for why this organization is so important. Years ago, as a high school counselor, she was approached by a sophomore who was so far behind in his credits the principal warned that he may not graduate. This student would absolutely need to attend an online credit recovery program. With this student not having a computer at home, how would he graduate? How do we get this student a computer?

With the question at hand, Brenda discovered the non-profit Laptops 4 Learning. A finding that would change her, the student, and many future student’s lives to come. Since that meaningful partnership, Brenda and Laptops 4 Learning connected 55 more laptops with students in need in that year.

If you are interested in supporting this mission, please reach out to Sage Sustainable Electronics or Laptops 4 Learning.

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