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Corporations have contributed significantly to the success of Laptops 4 Learning. We would not be able to donate the amount of laptops we have each year without the financial and volunteer support of our corporate contributors. 

Involve Your Company!
Corporate Opportunities

If you want your company to make a difference for the community by supporting the L4L cause, there are multiple ways to contribute. Here are a few,


  • Grant funding

  • Event Sponsorship

  • Employees giving or matching

  • Volunteer groups

  • Fundraising

We’ve found these opportunities have also enhanced previous corporations through the team-building experience while elevating employee morale.

Stang-up Meeting
In a Meeting


Corporate fundraising programs can be formed in two tiers and are great for creating employee camaraderie and team building.


Below are other ways this has been successful for corporations.

In past programs, corporations have,

  • budgeted for and held raffles for raising money,

  • set up online pages to collect donations,

  • gathered support from other businesses in the form of donated giveaways, like a free massage or free cooking class.


These programs have grown year after year and tend to become larger as the year's progress.

At Laptops 4 Learning, we support corporations by coordinating and creating opportunities for your team to experience the impact made through your donations. For example, direct opportunities where your team can see the kids receiving their laptops given from the money your company has raised. 


We are also happy to discuss any partnership ideas that best suit your needs.

What others are saying

"It feels good to be able to make a difference in a student's life, 

to get them to the next level, 

to be able to fulfill the hopes and dreams they have.  

Even if they don't know their hopes and dreams yet, and the potential is there."

Community Donor 

"We hear that kids don’t have access to computers and families are stretched thin. Especially with inflation and the cost of living being more challenging, rather than school supplies, in today’s climate, these devices make a bigger impact on kids. The cause is super important right now, especially today."

Corporate Donor 

"The impact of giving came from receiving direct correspondence from the kids who wrote letters or drew pictures thanking us for the laptops. That is when it came full circle for us.  It makes a difference to experience that impact and to know we are contributing to real lives." 

Corporate Donor

Thank You to our partners

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Our process for getting started

Step 1

Set up a call with one of our team members.

Step 2

Create your plan.

Step 3

We'll set up opportunities so you can experience direct distribution of the laptops for kids.

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