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Laptops for learning depend on volunteers and ambassadors to keep our organization functional. Your time effort and support are important to us. We couldn't do it without you. To you it may be a small amount of time monthly, to a disadvantaged child, it is a chance to enhance their grades and education for a better future. 

Ambassador Program

L4L Ambassadors are the foot soldiers, who participate in the distribution of the laptops and build community awareness by representing the impact Laptops 4 Learning brings to the community.


This is great for contributors, retirees and those who have a passion for supporting educational causes that give economically disadvantaged an equal chance for a better future. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Project Manager

  • Website developer - WIX (Implement brand design and content)

  • Designer

  • SEO

  • Social Media marketer for visibility

  • Writer - Content Developer

  • Bookkeeper (internal)

  • Event planning coordinator

  • Fundraising Management

  • Grant writer

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What others are saying

"When I look at students, what is most exciting is the hope and promise that we see, that they don't often see in themselves. When I see a student who has that hope and promise and is denied it simply because they don't have what others take for granted, that really pulls on my heartstrings."


"It feels good to be able to make a difference in a student's life, 

to get them to the next level, 

to be able to fulfill  the hopes and dreams they have  

or even they don't even know they have, but the potential is there."


"We want to feel at the end of it all, that we have made a difference for someone, somewhere.  Making a difference in life is helping students who are able to achieve because they received the scholarship, or they have been able to get the support they need in order to become who they are going to be in this life."


Our process for getting started

Step 1

Get plugged in to our mailing list and pay attention to our calendar of events.

Step 2

Join our Ambassador getting started meeting.

Step 3

Sign up for the activity or event you want to contribute to.

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