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Laptops 4 Learning depends on individual donation and gives those who understand the power of education an opportunity to give back. Laptops impact the underprivileged by, giving kids the opportunities to learn, helping them rise up to a better future/life circumstance while providing them an equal chance to succeedwhere they otherwise wouldn't have. 

Individual Giving Opportunities are for those who believe: 

  • In giving a child a chance to succeed where they otherwise wouldn’t

  • Education is key to a better future 

  • Contribution to the community is important

  • Making an impact on students through education causes is valuable

  • In finding areas that need support

  • In the power of giving to those who need it

  • In equal education opportunities

Viewing Scrapbooks
Young People at a Workshop

How We Make Life Better for the Underserved

Economically disadvantaged school children lacking access to laptops to complete their homework, creates achievement gaps between kids, largely based on their economic status, also known as the digital divide.

Our goal is to narrow this divide.

by helping students in low-income households obtain a computer, so that socio-economic disadvantaged kids have an equal chance for a better future.

Our VISION is to provide students with affordable laptops needed to succeed, so they're not left behind simply because they economically cannot afford access.

What others are saying

"We like what Laptops 4 Learning is doing because of its contribution to the community. 

I like that it is direct. They’re literally putting computers in the hands of those who need them. It’s a direct service and I also know they have integrity. "

Individual Donor

"We hear that kids don’t have access to computers and families are stretched thin. Especially with inflation and the cost of living being more challenging, rather than school supplies, in today’s climate, these devices make a bigger impact on kids. The cause is super important right now, especially today."

Corporate Donor 

"Education is a big deal for me! Education, more specifically, for the underserved and under-resourced communities, even at the university level, is my focus. I want to give resources to kids who don’t have them. 

I am committed to that area. I understand what education does for a child’s future." 

Individual Donor

Our process for getting started

Step 1

Get plugged in.

Step 2

Experience distribution or community event.

Step 3

Explore or giving options. Choose one and contribute.

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