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L4L at the 2023 Arizona Bowl/RAAVOLUTION

Laptops 4 Learning participated in the 2023 Arizona Bowl RAAVOLUTION Festival and Parade, a collaboration between the Arizona Bowl and the RAAVOLUTION Team to celebrate Southwest Cultures, Indigenous Communities, Social Impact Organizations, and STEM pathways in sports and entertainment for teens and young adults. At the event, L4L donated 15 HP Laptops to Tucson's Portable Practical Educational Preparation (PPEP) Inc., benefiting students at the Amado Youth Center and BeFreePima Youth Programs. These laptops will support academic research, social media projects for drug prevention, and engagement in STEM/STEAM initiatives throughout the year. This initiative addresses the needs of rural, low-income youth who lack access to laptops, enhancing both their skills and the program's outreach capabilities, while fostering collaborative, pro-social experiences with the RAAVOLUTION Youth project.


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