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L4L Needs Your Help

Calendar year 2022 was another rewarding year for Laptops 4 Learning. We successfully provided 645 program participants with quality, affordable laptops and proactively helped close the digital divide for these families.

We did NOT however reach our 2022 goal of doubling L4L’s 2021 watermark total of 1,060 laptops provided to low to moderate-income families.

Because of price inflation and an increase in overall demand for computers in the marketplace, the availability and cost of laptops increased dramatically during the twelve month period of October 2021 to September 2022. This reduction in the quantity of units that were available to L4L and the increase in the cost of devices, negatively impacted our ability to secure product at a cost that is affordable for students in L4L’s target demographic. We therefore were more dependent on using grant funding and supporter donations to L4L’s “Match-Fund” to financially support those families who are unable to afford the full list price of the laptops offered.

Laptops 4 Learning will continue to offer quality laptops at below market pricing to L4L program participants, with a continued focus on students from low to medium-income families who attend Title-1 schools (defined by the federal government as having 40% + students qualifying for free or reduced priced lunch).

The number of students Laptops 4 Learning will be able to offer financial support through 50% to 90% “Match Funding” is totally dependent upon the financial support obtained from patrons who recognize the benefit of ensuring that no student is denied the opportunity of a quality education, simply because they cannot afford a laptop.

The need continues to be great. Please donate today:



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