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Marshall Foundation and L4L provide 250 Laptops to Sahuarita students

Through a collaborative effort between Laptops 4 Learning, a Phoenix-based non-

profit, and a generous grant from the Tuscon based Marshall Foundation, 250 Sahuarita students were provided laptops. In a presentation ceremony on November 17th, student’s took the Laptops 4 Learning pledge, committing to using the laptop to become better students, complete their homework, and raise their grades.

Assistant Superintendent for Education Services, Brett Bonner noted, “Having access to technology isn’t just convenient; it’s crucial for students’ growth. It allows for personalized learning experiences, catering to different learning styles. Therough technology, students can explore beyond just using textbooks, collaborate globally, and develop essential skills needed for the future workforce.”

Students from each of the 10 schools in the Sahuarita Unified School District received laptops. Brenda Powell, Laptops 4 Learning’s executive director, emphasized the significance of this initiative for families facing economic challenges. "Many of these families receiving Chromebooks have multiple children and are not able to afford even one computer for the home, let alone one for each child." The computers, provided by Laptops 4 Learning, are made available to students at an affordable cost of $25 for a Chromebook or $50 for a laptop, the balance of the cost underwritten by the Marshall Foundation grant.



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