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Thanks to your generosity

Thank you for your continued support of getting laptops to low-income students and veterans. Jordan is one of those you have helped. He and his 3 school aged siblings live with thier Mom in Texas. Below are excepts from his application for getting assistance to procure a laptop:

"I got into Early College High School this year. I'm currently taking high school and college classes to be able to graduate high school with an Associates Degree. I struggle some days because I have to stay late at the Lee College Library to use a computer for assignments. I have asked my mother for a laptop but she is struggling right now due to having an accident and being on short term disability. Due to the accident, she has lost some vision from both eyes.

She hates to see me staying late at the college and then having to find a ride back home. Sometimes I go without eating and sleep due to having to stay late and use their library computers, but I am working hard to be able to graduate from high school with my Associates Degree and hopefully with credits towards my Bachelors Degree as well. I am determined to become an Engineer by the age of 19/20 years old. I am asking for help to alleviate some weight from my mother and be able to complete assignments from home so I don’t have to miss much sleep anymore. I’m just want to be able to achieve my goals. I hope you can help me in doing so. I’m in need of a laptop with Windows 11 to be able to complete writing and such assignments. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this long letter and considering me for a laptop."

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